Michelle DeDominicis is dedicated to health and wellness, disease prevention and progression as well as assisting others in living a pain free and full life. Her love of animals and myofascial release has opened up another door to reach more than human lives. She is certified in Mark Barnes Equine Myofascial Release and has branched out to help horses live their best life possible as well. She is a animal lover, personal trainer, certified occupational therapist assistant and talented musician, amongst many other hats she wears. She leads her life as an example with her commitment to health and wellness, exercising Tai Chi and fitness while sustaining herself on a vegan diet. Michelle is genuine, holistic and authentic in all she does and devotes her time and life to. She applies her extensive knowledge in biomechanics and manual therapy techniques to help improve the quality of the lives her path crosses from her own pets to her clients equine and human alike.

Chrissy Achcet loves the outdoors and is most at home in the open air. She has a passion for life and an infectious enthusiasm for living life to the fullest. Her extensive knowledge and training in physical therapy and manual therapies combined with her certification in equine myofascial release allowed her to reach a population which appeals to her naturalist and open air side with great ease, horses. She loves to educate people about holistic approaches and non invasive modalities to healing and sustaining maximum health and wellness. She appreciates a challenge and is devoted to continuing education to provide the best possible outcomes for her clients. Chrissy is a caregiver by nature and loves to celebrate in other’s gains and happiness while they return to the lives they once lead on their road to recovery. Horses respond well to her selflessness and energy intention while she works with them, yet she attests that the horses give her more than she could ever give to them. Chrissy takes her work and life passions very seriously however is fun loving and brings humor with her in all her endeavors.

Together Michelle and Chrissy unite to provide a service they both completely believe in as having phenomenal long term outcomes that reach greater depths than many of the other treatment modalities they have learned, used and employed over their 40+ years of combined experience in healthcare. Not to mention that the duo allows for greater hands on coverage to your horse in the time that they have together. Its a win win solution for sure!