Northern pulse pemf therapy

PEMF Therapy for Horses, Dogs and People too! Pulse Electro Magnetic Field Cell Regeneration Therapy.


Ann florsch

Ann Florsch is a talented local artist, sculptor, author located in the Saurgerties area. Ann Florsch is responsible for the photography featured on the Wild and Free Equine Therapy website.



Cait Van Damm is an occupational therapist specializing in pelvic floor and chronic pain. She has extensive training in yoga and craniosacral therapy, as well as internal and external evaluation of the pelvis, back, and hips.

Cait seeks to help people feel more comfortable and empowered in their bodies. 

She is a body positive therapist, who believes in supporting all people across the gender spectrum and in using trauma-informed care.


zephyr float

As Co-Owners of Zephyr Float, my husband Ryan and I share a vision of bringing a unique and truly wonderful experience to the already vibrant town of Kingston, NY. Growing up on a family owned Farm in Accord, Ryan has lived in the Hudson Valley all of his life, and has deep roots in the community, as well as a love for the land and all it has to offer. After falling in love with Ryan, I fell in love with the Hudson Valley as well, and knew that this was a place I could call home. We are deeply committed to creating a sense of community and well being with our clients and our neighbors, by providing a healthy, relaxing and beneficial service to all those who enter our doors. Zephyr Float exists to provide a scientifically proven method to reduce the power of stress over the human body, alleviate chronic pain and better oneself through introspective learning in an accessible manner to all those who seek it.

~ Olga Schoonmaker